Dream Steam

Sworcery has finally made the jump from iOS to desktop with a Steam version of the game.  It also includes and digital copy of the S&S LP.  I know!  You can still only get a vinyl copy over on the Bandcamp page so hurry beofre they're all gone.




S&S Snags 9 Nominations At CVAs

The nominees have been announced for the 3rd anual Canadian Video Game Awards and it looks like S&S paid off all the right people this year.  We've been nominated for 9 awards including:

  •  Game of the Year
  • Best Game on the Go
  • Best Downloadable Game
  • Best Game Design
  • Best Visual Arts
  • Best Writing
  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Original Music
  • Innovation Award

Winners will be annouced on April 21st in Vancouver and we'll be there!  For a full list of all the nominees click HERE.  You can also vote for Game of the Year (*cough*sword&sworcery*cough*) HERE


S&S Wins Best Mobile Game At GDC!

Huge thanks to GDC for the award.  It means a ton to us!  Skip to 32:16 HERE to see bro-emotions in full effect.  I really wish I could have been there...or was I...?


Children of the Clone Vinyl

COTC is now in stock and shipping.  Pressed on purple vinyl even.  Limited edition of 300 made with only about 100 left at the time of writing.  Head over to Bandcamp to grab a copy! 


S&S Cassettes!

I figure these bad boys deserve a post of their own.  Along with a new pressing of S&S vinyl I've also made a limited run of cassettes!?  The art has been rejigged by Criag D Adams to accommodate this stoic format. They also come with cool stickers!  Have a closer look at more pics HERE