Sound Shapes Out Aug 7th

Heading out to E3 in an hour but before I do let me leave you with this little nugget.  As you may have already heard superbrothers and I teamed up with Queasy Games to produce one of maany exciting levels for Sound Shapes.  It's just been announced that it drops on Aug 7th and will also be available for PS3!  I'm super excited for this game and I think it looks and sounds amazing.  A huge thanks to everyone who worked on the game.    


HIB 5: Now With More Sworcery

Humble Indie Bundle 5 is available now and it's a doozy!  It's pay-what-you-can for some the best and brightest indie games around INCLUDING SOUNDTRACKS!!!  Have a gander at the latest TELETEXT for more info.


Indie Game: The Movie Available June 12th

It's finally happening!  IGTM will be available on June 12th via iTunes, Direct Download and Steam.  Insane, right?  Read more about it in the official announcement HERE



Sound Shapes of Silence

Are you excited? I'm excited. Read about how excited we all should be HERE


Key of Sworcery

A reminder that we are hosting an online Sword & Sworcery AV jam this weekend - May 11 - May 13th 2012 but feel free to get started early on a remix or painting inspired by the game.  Submissions will be accepted at  I will be posting stems to the song Com64 on Thursday night / Friday morning for you to remix into a tasty musical pie.  Com64 is only a suggested jam so be don't be shy to get your remix on with other tunes from the album. 


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