Takes Time

art by Cory Schmitz

Jim Guthrie’s new album Takes Time will come out on May 7th, 2013 on Static Clang.  Recorded between 2007 and 2012 by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre, Islands) and Jim Guthrie, this is the follow up to his 2003 Juno nominated album Now, More Than Ever.  The aptly named Takes Time will be released on CD/LP/digital with artwork by Cory Schmitz.  The album was mixed by Justin Nace.


1. Taking My Time
2. Difference a Day Makes
3. Before and After
4. Never Poor
5. The Rest Is Yet To Come
6. Bring on the Night
7. Don’t Be Torn
8. The Sound of Wanting More
9. Like a Lake
10. Wish I Were You
11. Turn Me On





Super excited to announce the release of CORPOREAL - a 4 song EP featured in the award-winning game, Sound Shapes by Queasy Games for PS3 and PS Vita.  The EP consist of music taken from the CORPOREAL level which saw Jim Guthrie teaming up with superbrothers (for the first time since Sword & Sworcery) to create more video game magic (if I do say so myself!).  A huge thanks goes to everyone at Queasy and CAPY Games, superbrothers, Zach Wood and SEAC for the amazing opportunity. 

 CORPOREAL is available now on Bandcamp for the low, low price of pay-whatcha-can.



Sworcery on Android!?

We figured since we're all gonna bite it when the world comes to an end on Dec 21 (or whenever it is) we'd break all the rules and bring the experience of S&S to Android via the latest installment of the Humble Indie Bundle.  Get it now or get it later (if you know what I mean. hint: DEC 21ST!!!!)!  


Also be aware that a new run of Sword & Sworcery vinyl will be available soon and we are taking pre orders now over on the Bandcamp page.  PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THE TIME OF WRITING THESE WILL TAKE UP TO 8 WEEKS BEFORE THEY ARE READY TO SHIP.  Thanks for understanding!


Sound Shapes Released!

We are all super proud to say that Sound Shapes is finally ready to purchase for the Sony PS3 and Vita.  This was 5 years of hard work by Queasy Games and company so head over to the Playstation Store to get your copy now.  Lots of great art, music and level design by a ton of talented folks.  Checkout the launch trailer HERE


Proof of Something: IGTM Video Project

Head over to to see some amazing collaborations with animators and filmmakers with their take on music from Indie Game: The Movie.

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