Indie Game: The Movie Soundtrack


I'm very excited to announce that the official soundtrack to the awarding winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie is now available for pre order on Bandcamp and iTunes.  The 24 track album features album art by Cory Schmitz and is available on DOUBLE VINYL.  Also available are these killer shirts by Cory Schmitz.  All items come with a digital copy of the album. Shipping starts May 15 when the album is released in full to those who pre ordered.   


Side C


Side B


High Five

I had an amazing time at this year's Canadian Video Game Awards.  We manged to take home 5 awards including 'Best Original Score'.  I almost pooped myself when it was called and I honestly have no idea what I said when we accepted the award.  I was a little drunk and I know I thanked a bunch of people but I forgot to thank Justin Nace for helping me mix the album and Andy Magoffin for mastering it.  Thanks fellas!  I also want to properly thank Sean Lohrisch at Capy one more time for all the man hours he put in to making sure the music sounded as good as it could in the game.  The S&S team was lucky to have him!  I should also thank Superbrothers and Capy one last time for asking me to be apart of this game even though I had no idea what the hell I was doing most of the time.  Craig D. Adams, Kris Piotrowski, Jon Maur, Frankie Leung and Nathan Vella deserve one last 'group belly rub'. 

I'd also like to thank the CVAs, OMDC, Victor Lucas and the rest of the EP gang for all the amazing work they did on the show and throughout the year covering game culture in general.  One last shout out to the CVA house band who did a pretty epic version of Dark Flute that was transcribed by Jeremy Strachan (thanks Jer!). 




The New Edition For Electric Computers

 Another mouth-watering trailer by the CAPY team.  Remix by @scntfc 

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